The basic concept of the Golfface project is to create, produce, and sell golf trophies with new designs, interesting materials, a modern appearance, and a high standard of quality.

We are an innovative, creative, and progressive company.
Golfface products are bringing in a new generation of sports trophies. From the very beginning we have emphasised on the quality and individuality of our designs, which elevates our final products to a higher aesthetic category. To achieve this goal we use the traditions and experience of local manufacturers in the fields of glass working, metalworking, and other branches.
Golfface brand products are associated not only with the brand but also with the name of a particular designer during their promotion and sale. This distinguishes us from the anonymous manufacture of our competitors and creates greater leeway for us to take our place in the competitive environment.
All Golfface products are the work of our creative team of specialists and are protected by patents and European copyright laws. The competitive advantage of Golfface is our knowledge of technologies and materials from all manner of production fields and our ability to apply them in combination with the creativity of our designers.
Our trophies are produced from metal, glass, wood, plastic, laminates, or any combination thereof. All our products have quality finishing according to the materials used. A great emphasis has also been placed on the packaging and overall presentation of our products. All our trophies are signed.

Since golf is a sport distinctive for its cultivation, precision, and purity, we design awards compatible with this lifestyle. With this philosophy we distinguish ourselves from the absolute majority of trophies available, in the competitive environment of contemporary production of trophies for golfers. Our effort is to create such trophies as will not only have sporting value for their owners, but also aesthetic value. We bring new quality into this field and we offer truly prestigious and sophisticated designs in our awards.

These trophies are intended for participants and winners of golf tournaments and competitions.

Our customers are people who identify with a modern lifestyle, quality design, and top craftsmanship. For this reason a great emphasis is placed on the quality and individuality of the design from the very beginning.
All products are and will be protected by the intellectual property laws and patents registered with the Industrial Property Office in Prague.

For us, design is a functional artistic tool for creating one-of-a-kind products. We always base our work on clear information and thereby achieve better results in our team and in our relationships with customers and suppliers.

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